5 Things I Think I Know About Denmark



Now that I’m home from Bucknell, I finally am able to look at the pre-departure packet DIS sent me, and it is making me more and more excited!! I skimmed the entire book and it has a lot of valuable information.  But nothing can give me the true reality of what Denmark is like unless I am actually there!  Therefore, I decided to make a list of ten things I ~think~ I know about Denmark from my pinteresting, book reading, and google searching:

  1. It’s going to be cold ~ coming from upstate NY, I’m hoping this won’t bother me too much
  2. Danes really love the color black ~ I think my wardrobe can accommodate this
  3. Danes are the happiest and nicest people in the world ~ excited for this happy vibe
  4. There is a super low crime rate ~ I heard people leave carriages with their babies in them outside restaurants and shops, crazy
  5. Bike riding is a must ~ I really hope I remember how to ride one

Many of these are stereotypes or just things I’ve found that have really intrigued me. I won’t know the actual truth behind any of these until I am actually there, T-minus 26 days until I leave for Copenhagen!




Finals and Finally Excited

This is the post excerpt.

Hello All!

Welcome to my first ever blog post as I prepare to embark on my study abroad adventures to Copenhagen, Denmark!

I decided to initiate this blog to help me articulate my travels, so I have something to look back on, but also to communicate with my friends and family at home, and across the globe, my experiences and adventures abroad!

With that being said, I am incredibly excited to begin my travels in 36 days, as it is the only thing getting me through my finals. Now that it is nearing a month away, and my plane ticket is booked, and I am finally settled with my class transfer forms and pre-departure meetings it is slowly getting more and more real.  In procrastinating my studying, I found this article from Time Magazine (Read Here) talking about Hygge, something that through all my pinteresting, google searching, and instagram hashtags I’ve found a lot about. I even decided to name my blog after it since it is something I am truly hoping to experience in Copenhagen.  This concept of improving your life through living within the moment is something I really need in my life, especially now in finals, college, and life in general. So my goal for right now, in preparation for my Danish adventures, is to start practicing Hygge here in the US, and also look forward to experiences the pros of Hygge in Denmark in 36 days!


Peace and Studying