Getting to Copenhagen: Part 1

Since Rochester has some ungodly weather this time of year, and coincidentally having a sister that lives in Boston (where flights are way cheaper going abroad) my trip to Copenhagen started Wednesday.  I flew to Boston to stay with my sister until Friday where I will start part 2, the trip abroad.

I have never been to Boston so I was super excited to visit a new city.  Today I did what I hope to do a lot this semester, wandered around.  There were two places I really wanted to go, the Boston Marathon Finish line and the Harbor.  Luckily I found the finish line with the help of my map, the harbor I manage to stumble upon while just walking around.  Once I found both of these landmarks, I got lunch at Quincy Market and found a nice bench in the Boston Commons to sit on, and got to watch people ice skate, despite it being 57 degrees out.

After walking over 8 miles I decided to head back to Beacon Hill to meet my sister for dinner.

Only 24 more hours until my flight to Copenhagen!




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