Getting to Copenhagen: Part 2

Getting to Copenhagen was a breeze.  After a smooth 7 hour flight from Boston to Amsterdam, with a long enough layover to relax and meet fellow DISer’s and then a quick flight to Copenhagen, I finally made it.  My luggage on the other hand, decided to take an alternative method of arriving to Copenhagen.

After over an hour of staring at the lugging belt hoping to see my luggage, myself and 15 fellow DISer’s decided our luggage did not take the same plane as us.  And with that we decided to officially take in the fact that our luggage was lost. We put in our claim and hopefully next time I write, we will all have our luggage safe and sound.  For now, I’ll be wearing the same 3 shirts until I retrieve the rest of my wardrobe.

After feeling completely defeated, three of us decided it was time to make out way out of the airport and on with the adventure that is studying abroad.  After managing to make it through the Copenhagen airport, through a revolving door and across the street, we split up to check in to our living situations.  As I finished checking into my homestay I turned around to see my host family all smiles greeting me with Danish flags and hugs.  It was a huge relief to see such happy people! After joking about how light I packed in just a carry on suitcase, we packed it up to headed home.

On the way home we stopped at a lovely bakery where I got my first look at the Danish pastries everyone is talking about, and they looked delicious. Thankfully, my host family picked some up and we had a quick lunch with a variety of Danish cuisine.  We then spent the afternoon hanging out, introducing our cultures, tours of the house and picking up Casper from his friends bowling birthday party, where I got to meet some more Danes.  After a delicious dinner of tacos, and long two days, I’m heading to bed to be fully rested for the beginning of this adventure.

Until next time (when I hopefully have my luggage)



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