Exploring Copenhagen

I am officially in Copenhagen, and I officially have my luggage (after it being dropped off at nearly midnight Sunday).  These past three days have been full of orientation like activities through DIS (the school I’m studying at – Danish Institute for Study Abroad).


Today we ventured into the city and met at Wallman’s Circus Building where DIS had it’s opening ceremony.  The famous Danish band Chinah played some songs and leaders of DIS spoke about our upcoming semester at Denmark.  After meeting some new people who live near me we ventured around Copenhagen,starting at the Student House, a place dedicated to students in Denmark with coffee, croissants, study areas, as well as salsa dancing Sundays! After our coffee and croissants, we wandered down plenty of streets, visited Nyhavn, and eventually wander back to DIS where we had a meeting with all the homestay students in Soborg, the town we live in.  I was able to meet so many people living incredibly close to me and in the same living situation which was nice to hear about how all the homestay families are so different. After, I returned home to my host family, we ate dinner, then watched a handball match, a major sport in Denmark, where they beat Sweden!


Today we ventured back into the city and we explored the city with the help of DIS faculty.  We were sent on a scavenger hunt to find specific landmarks where faculty would tell us about the importance of the building. We started at Radhus, the city hall of Copenhagen, faculty there showed us the worlds largest mechanical clock, which will outlast any digital clocks we have! We were also able to see the banquet hall decorated with Danish flags and flowers for an upcoming ceremony.  Following Radhus we walked nearly 3 miles to Amalienborg the royal family’s living area.  Here we were able to see where the queen and crown prince lives, where you can get surprisingly close to their palaces. Next we walked to Christianborg, or a major government building that was once a palace.  Here we learned about all the times Copenhagen or buildings in Copenhagen have burned down, this specific building has burned twice, but as a result has three distinct regions due to rebuilding.  Following Christianborg, we ended at Trinitatis Church.  This church was predominant during earlier times because it housed an observatory to study the stars, a library for students to study at and a church for people to worship at, hence the name trinity.  After our final stop, and being stuck in the cold for so long, we decided to stop for lunch at a small cafe where we had a flat bread pizza and some pastries.  After picking up our books we headed home after an exhausting (and cold) day walking all around Copenhagen.


Today my first activity wasn’t until 2:50 so I was able to sleep in,~hopefully~ getting rid of any jet lag I have left and get everything together in preparation for my classes that start tomorrow. My academic orientation for the Medical Practice and Policy program was so interesting and I am so extremely excited to start going to this class because it is much more medically oriented than any other class I’ve taken.  After this meeting I went out to dinner with a new friend from DIS and after a long and delicious dinner we were headed home.

After realizing that the train station was eerily empty we decided to look into why there was no one there and discovered that all the trains were cancelled due to someone getting hit by a train.  Since the train was the only way I knew in and out of the city and with less than 10% battery I decided to take the next recommended mode of transportation the bus. To this moment in time I am still not quite sure if I got on the right 6A bus but I ended up in a dark and random place on the edge of the city with a dead phone.  After asking a random man if this was the way to Buddinge he assured me waiting outside in the cold and rain for 50 minutes was the “correct” way of getting there. Finally a bus came but, the same random man told me to get off at the wrong stop, luckily, my memory saved me for the night and I could tell I was very close to where I should have gotten off and I managed to get home, two hours later.  Safe to say, the taking the bus is not ideal.

Until next time



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