5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in my Classes

Although being in Europe can be deterring from academics I do have to remember I’m here to ~study~ abroad.  In honor of the first round of classes I’ve dedicated this post to a little info about each class and what I’m looking most forward to.

  1. Medical Practice and Policy: Human Health and Disease – This is my core course which means I spend a lot of time with this group as we will be traveling to Western Denmark, Berlin, Germany and Poznan, Poland as a class.  This class is taught by two doctors and we have class in a hospital most times.  So far we’ve been told that much of this class has an emphasis on the clinical aspects of medicine; how to take medical histories, how to diagnose, how to perform basic medical exams etc.  Some of the classes will look at patient cases where we will actually meet patients and work on our medical skills with real cases! We also have clinical labs dedicated to learning how to insert an IV,  take vitals and plenty more.
    • What I’m looking forward to: Getting a hands on approach to medicine, and getting to talk to patients in a hospital setting.
  2. Epigenetic and the Environment – Since I am still a biology major back at Bucknell, I had to enroll in a higher level biology course.  This course is dedicated to how the environment influences our phenotype. Our field studies include visiting a cancer research plant (my favorite area of study) and a stem cell center.
    • What I’m looking forward to: Visiting a Stem Cell Research plant where I’ll get to again get my hands on with some really cool dissections and interactions.
  3. Danish Language and Culture – Also being a Bucknellian means I am required to take the language spoken in the country I am in, therefore, I am required to take Danish. Most have never heard the Danish language and therefore, much of the pronunciation is incredibly foreign to me. But it will definitely be helpful to not stick out as much as an America, as the focus of the course is helpful conversation lines that would be used in everyday sentences.
    • What I’m looking forward to: Being able to order something in a restaurant without speaking English (questionable if this will happen because the Danish language, especially pronunciation, is really really hard and every Dane speaks english impeccably)
  4. Health Beyond Borders – Another class I am super excited about since Bucknell lacks public health courses.  This class has an emphasis on looking at health care on a global scale and really understanding what global health is, what are its values, what are one’s rights to health and why should we care about health care (which a really interesting topic to me regarding the current status of health care in the US and the free health care of Denmark). We have already been split into groups by country, I am in Syria, where we will research health care tactics in these countries and evaluate and compare these countries. With this class we get to go to the World Health Organization in Denmark.
    • What I’m looking forward to: Learning about Syria and the impact it has on other countries from a source that isn’t the news.
  5. The Cultural History of Travel – This class looks into tourism and how it has developed, where it has gotten us, and what the future holds for tourism.  Being a biology major, on the pre-med track, and wanting to study abroad my non-science classes have been very limited in the past so I am super excited to take a class that is out of the ordinary for me.
    • What I’m looking forward to: I’m most excited for this class not being science class (haha) but also learning about tourism especially since I’m basically spending five months as a tourist.

Despite the excitement of being in a foreign country, and not really wanting to focus on classes, doing so will be much easier with classes that seem so exciting and interesting. With only 15 hours of class a week, with the exception of some field studies that will add to the weekly total, I have SO much free time compared to previous semesters (last year I had 27 hrs/wk due to overloading to be able to study abroad).  Therefore, I am really looking forward to the academic aspect of my study abroad experience.

Much love



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