Field Study #1

One of the coolest things about DIS is that we don’t have classes on Wednesdays…but there is a reason for that and it is just as cool and it’s because Wednesday’s are dedicated to field studies.  The slogan of DIS is “Scandinavia as your home, Europe as your classroom”.  I had the first taste of this today, although we only took a bus (safely and with no problems) 3 stops away, we still went out of the typical classroom to better understand our studies.

Today’s field study was for my Epigenetics and the Environment class (basically a higher level genetics course for you non-biologists out there), and we went to BRIC, the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre.  
Here we got to meet with Karl Agger, a associate professor with specifics in epigenetics. He basically explained his research which involves the role of epigenetics and leukemia and how his lab has been working on rats and specific sequences in their genome.  Much of it was fairly complex, but luckily our professor provided us with his most recent paper and went over much of the mechanism in class yesterday.  Following the short discussion of questions of future studies and how his research can help humans we were given a tour of his lab by his masters student. Much of the lab is similar to labs in the US but it was interesting to hear about his experience as a masters student from Spain.

After catching the bus back to Norreport station, we headed to the crowded activities fair for information regarding local activities, and I headed back home for a dinner with my family.



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