Hustle in Brussels

A lot can get done in 24 hours in a foreign city.  After plenty of mishaps, making it a true European adventure, I was able to travel to Brussels, Belgium with friends for my first abroad weekend trip.

Quick recap of the amazing things we did:

  1. Eat Belgian Waffle ✓
  2. Eat Belgian Fries ✓
  3. See the Grand Place ✓
  4. See Manneken Pis ✓
  5. Understand the incredible history of Belgium ✓
  6. Stay at a youth hostel ✓
  7. Walk 37,000 steps (16 miles) ✓
  8. See Atomium ✓
  9. Use a map (not google maps) to get around ✓
  10. Eat at a Halal ✓

Quick recap of all the things that went wrong:

  1. A friend’s wallet was pickpocketed on the metro to the airport and couldn’t go with us
  2. Someone in the group going booked the wrong plane and couldn’t go
  3. We didn’t get to the hostel until 2 am
  4. It rained all day Saturday
  5. My friends credit card didn’t work all weekend
  6. We couldn’t find the bus back to the airport
  7. We missed the bus we were supposed to take back to the airport
  8. My friend put her name wrong on her boarding pass and was going to have to pay 160 euros to go with me on my flight (they told us she got lucky and didn’t make her pay)

Even though we had some highs and lows of the trip, we decided that this is what traveling while abroad is all about! We had so much fun, and were able to laugh at all of this and we had an amazing time.  Lesson learned, it’s not always going to go as planned, but you just have to make the best out of it, because these will definitely be some amazing memories.



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