5 Things that are just Different in Copenhagen 

1. Bikes: one of the first things you’ll notice in Copenhagen is the incredible amount of bikes that rule the streets. I feel like there’s more of a chance of getting hit by a bike than a car because there’s simply more of them. It seems like there are most bike racks than parking spots!

2. Fresh Air and Danes: Danes love fresh air, I could write a whole post about it. Keep in mind that it is about 30F right now. But, Danes still eat outside when eating meals if the sun is out, and the restaurants provide blankets! Beyond that, one of the craziest things I’ve noticed is that parents leave their children in their strollers while they go into stores. They believe kids sleep better in the fresh air, it is simply crazy.

3. Birthdays: this weekend I was able to celebrate my host family’s cousin birthday. Birthdays are typically celebrated over brunch, where I got to meet my host mom’s side of the family. One major difference is how much the country of Denmark is represented, there were Danish flags everywhere even on the cake! For the cake celebration they sing a cute Danish song (where the only work I knew was fødselsdag – birthday) and the cake is almost like a giant caramel cinnamon roll sheet cake but cut out to look like a girl and after you sing the lovely song, you cut the neck and everyone screams, can’t say I experienced this first hand because they decided to skip it since she was so little!

4. People: there are two sides to this, one is that all Danes look super similar, blonde and white. The second part is they are impeccably dressed, like everyone is incredibly fashionable, one of the major statements I’ve noticed is fur coats. My other favorite fashion statement that Danes wear, specifically kids, is a one piece snow suit, simply adorable!

5. Homes/buildings: I’ve been in a couple Danish homes and plenty of Danish buildings and one common theme is the minimalistic attitude. Everything is white or black, and everything is straight lines and simple. It’s an interesting design but represents the Danes well.


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