5 Things I Hope my Friends get out of Visiting Copenhagen

This weekend my friends from Bucknell came and visited me in Copenhagen, I hope they had an amazing weekend, especially through these things:


  1.  The pastries: We spent a considerable amount of time eating pastries, and I may be biased, but the pastries (especially cinnamon rolls) are amazing here. 16832940_1709413919102879_2004204339_o.jpg
  2. The views: After visiting multiple European cities, Copenhagen just has a different feel to it.  Especially since we did a boat tour, I hope they realized how cool the city of Copenhagen is (despite it being an absolutely frigid weekend).DSCF6056.JPG
  3. My amazing host family: Since they both stayed with me they had the opportunity to meet my incredible host family and get a major dose of Danish culture. 16649368_10210518913521231_6014700953173697794_n.jpg
  4. My cooking abilities: My friends were fortunate enough to be able to eat my lovely cooking, two of which were frozen…but I did make some amazing french toast.FullSizeRender.jpg
  5. My life abroad: Plenty of our conversations were about how different our lives our from our lives at Bucknell, but also how different our lives are here in Europe, so I hope that they really enjoyed learning about what my four months here are like!



One thought on “5 Things I Hope my Friends get out of Visiting Copenhagen”

  1. Margaret, I am glad a couple of your classmates were able to travel. You are doing a great job of marketing, the city and your school program. I am sure they will support you. You are doing a grea job articulating your experiences, and you are a very good photographer also. The view, your pastry, host family, girlfriends were all very good. I assume that’s from Mom can’t remember Dad taking pics. ❤ Study hard, Have fun!


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