Cafe Spotlight: Nutid

Studying while abroad can be hard with the distractions of a foreign city, new friends, planning trips and many more. But, with a good location, it can be a little easier.  With a ton of school work this week, I knew I needed to find a new place, just like my cubicle on the second floor for the lib at Bucknell.

I’ve walked by a cute cafe that never seems crazy busy plenty of times on my way to and from Norreport station, and I’ve grabbed a coffee to go from there once before, but never really sat down and did work.  Finally this week I did, and I am so glad.

Cafe Nutid is an absolutely adorable cafe, that is two floors high (reason why I couldn’t see it was busy was because everyone was underground). Even though it has some amazing study spots, good coffee, and a chill vibe, one of the best parts is the meaning behind it all.

While waiting for my coffee one day I decided to translate a board that explained what Cafe Nutid was. It is a non-profit cafe, run by volunteers where all the profits for to fighting poverty around the world.  That alone gave me 4 million more reasons to go there more often.

Even though studying epigentics isn’t the most exciting thing, it’s a little better with a good location.




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