5 Things I’m looking forward to during Long Study Tour

This coming week I will embark with my fellow Medical Practice and Policy classmates to Poznan, Poland and Berlin, Germany. During this time we will have plenty of educational experiences but cultural as well, here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

  1. Poland – My dads side of the family has some Polish blood in them, so I am super excited to visit my “homeland”. I did some research, and I think my dads family is from a small town a few hours north of Poznan.
  2. Pierogis – I am in love with pierogis, for many people who have never had them before, they’re somewhat like raviolis but instead of ricotta inside, its potato. We get to do a pierogi making class and I could not be more excited.
  3. History class finally paying off – I am not the biggest fan of history, but the majority of my senior year was learning about German history, I’m looking forward to see so many sights I learned about and understand part of our global history.
  4. Wearing Scrubs – Wanting to go into the medical field means wanting to wear scrubs, I don’t think anyone understands their comfort, but also how cool you feel wearing them.  During our visits in Poznan, we have to wear scrubs, and although mine are huge on me, I am very excited.
  5. Medical Visits – We get to go to some incredible academic visits, our teacher even told us the rules are so relaxed in Poland we might see a delivery! We get to go to some pediatrics, OBGYNs, surgical centers, and family planning centers

Although this week is titles “Long Study Tour” its hard to count it as studying when it seems so fun




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