Biking Berlin (and more)

Once we left the craziness of Poland we found ourselves in the city of Berlin. Being in Berlin made me wish I paid a little more attention in history class (I know my mom is saying I told you so). The history of Berlin is so extensive it is crazy to be walking the streets and seeing sites that have experienced so much. Once of the craziest things to me was that a lot of history (falling of the Berlin Wall) is not that old, which really really is hard to grasp.

Anyway, what better way to to visit the city (especially being a student in Copenhagen) than by bike. All 30 of us hopped on a bike tour around the city.


Stops included:

– East vs. West Berlin

– Berlin Wall


– Jewish Memorial


– The University Albert Einstein taught at

– Checkpoint Charlie


– Parliament


– Location of Hitler’s Bunker

Our guide presented us with plenty of the history of the impacts of the Cold War, WWII, Hitler and plenty more. All of which made us really think about history and how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

The rest of the week was dedicated to hospital visits to a vascular surgical hospital, a neonatology ward, and a family planning center, eating traditional German foods; spatzle, curreywurst and plenty more.



(Ps-pics to come)


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