5 things I’ve learned from having my phone stolen 

A few weeks ago my phone got stolen…average mistake taking my eyes off my bag on my body for literally 5 seconds and looking back and not being able to identify the culprit. Luckily, my amazing host mom let me borrow one of her phones so I technically have had a phone for the last few weeks, but I’ve learned a few things since then and now that I have my own phone, I hope to learn from it.

1. It’s not the end of the world – although I did call my mom crying acting like it was the end of the world the minute after it happened, it’s just a phone, I still have my health, my memories, and my time abroad

2. There so much more to look at than your phone – I’ve spent a lot of time not connected with my phone in these past few years, at the summer camp I worked at for the past two summers, we’re not allow to have our phones on us, and we can really only check them at night, so I’ve tried to keep that trend ever since my phone got stolen. In between classes I try to stroll rather than get there 10 minutes early to scroll through all of social media and take in the sights on the train ride home

3. It’s nice to not have to deal w a phone – during my travels this week, I was unable to get service, so I was literally forced to only use my phone when I had wifi, luckily I was surrounded by people who could use their google maps, but I never had to stress about the data I was using or keeping up with my messages

4. It gives you something to look forward to – let’s be real I couldn’t really live without a phone, I love getting messages from my family and friends and checking out instagram and Snapchat, so when you finally have access to your phone you actually have something to do rather than just reread and refresh

5. It stops me from reading the news – I like to know what’s going on in the world, especially now in America and even back at Bucknell, but sometimes the news can be depressing and upsetting, so not having a phone distracts me from the realities so I can really enjoy my time abroad
Now I do have a phone, and I do keep it on me, but I am really really trying to not completely rely on it

Until next time



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