Spectacular Santorini

After being in shock from Athens I wasn’t sure how it could get better. After movies like Mamma Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I have been obsessed with the blue and white cliff houses on the islands of Greece as well. So here we are in Santorini, the island known for these views.

After a wild ride up the cliff from the port, we arrived at our lovely hotel with views of the blue and white already.

We then were able to watch the sunset from a point in Fira over the sea with a great view of exactly what I was expecting.

The next day we traveled the island to black sand and red sand beaches. Although it was pretty chilly, it was still warmer than Copenhagen and it was nice to have my feet in the sand (that wasn’t artificial from the fingerlakes).

In the evening we went to Oia, the exact picture you see when you think of Greece. The small passageways and white buildings. Once we got to the very top, I was once again in awe and in love with the moment of staring into the sunset.

Next stop Corfu!


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