The Ancient Awe of Athens 

As I sit on my overnight cruise to Corfu from Santorini, Greece I am still pinching myself from one of my favorite trips this far.

Ever since 6th grade, where we learned intensely about ancient civilizations I have dreamed of going to Greece.

Since all of my friends from Copenhagen were traveling with their classes, I decided to sign up for a Bus2Alps trip to meet college students doing the same thing as me, island hop through Greece. Although I started this trip alone, I’ve already met an incredible group of friends to hang out with all week.

Our trip started in Athens and our hotel was in the center of a flea market and while I wandered while I waited for the rest of the group I was in awe of simply looking down some of the narrow streets and seeing the Acropolis in the distance. I strolled through the streets of Athens shopping and looking and eventually wandered up to a huge rock that gave me some of the best views of both the city and the Acropolis and it was my first breathtaking view.

After a group dinner we wandered up to a rooftop bar and again were star struck by the a nighttime view of the Acropolis.

The next day I got to do exactly what I wanted to do since seeing pictures in 6th grade, walk to the Acropolis. I again had to pinch myself to remember how old these structures are and how amazing it is that I am actually staring so far back into history.

As you can tell I am beyond excited to be here.

Off to Santorini!


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