5 Reasons I Love Sunsets

My week in Greece has made me appreciate the sun way more than I ever have. Probably because the sun rarely comes out in Copenhagen, but we’ve spent almost every night somewhere to watch the sunset and I’ve realizd how obsessed I am.

1. My Mom (I know you’re reading this) – one of her favorite things to do is take pictures of sunsets or walk out on the pier to watch the sunset or capture it in any way possible,  so I guess you could say it’s inherited.

2. Everyone loves them for different reasons – there’s so many reasons to love sunsets, the calmness, the colors, the meaning, and plenty more, and I love hearing about what they mean to each person

3. They force you to embrace them in that moment – unless you’re a professional photographer (which is not me) a picture will never ever do it justice, so it forces you to take it in “the old fashioned way” with your eyes.

4. A scientific phenomenon – during my dreaded year of physics, we learned the actual scientific background behind sunsets and it made me even more amazing at our ability to see it

5. They’re visible everywhere – whether in in Rochester, Keuka Lake, Denmark (occasionally), Greece or wherever there is always a chance of seeing a sunset and it creates a sense of connectability no matter where in the world I may be

A few more days on this amazing spring break embracing the sunset every day.


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