An Amsterdam(n) Good Weekend

IMG_0468Sometimes it takes laying by a random canal in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam looking up at the sunshine and moving clouds to really remember why you study abroad in the first place. I came to experience the Danish culture but also to explore Europe and open my perspective of the world wider than it was before. Although seconds later I sat up and continued my MCAT studying and reality hit again, it’s the moments I’m lost in the experience of traveling that I am beyond thankful for this experience.

Amsterdam is an interesting city to say the least, my friend and I equated it to the Las Vegas of Europe because as we walked around the inner city and especially the red light district it seemed as though we were surrounded by bachelorette parties and guys weekend.  Although we didn’t participate in the ~wildness~ of Amsterdam we had an incredible weekend there.

From tasting every cheese possible, strolling along the plenty of tulip markets and flea markets, questioning everything about prostitution while walking the red light district and even waiting two hours in line for the Anne Frank House it was an experience we’ll never forget.

This week is much more relaxed now that my exams of the week are over, and I am able to finally enjoy the warm(ish) Copenhagen weather especially when the sun is out, and this weekend I am spending with my host family traveling in Denmark. And the count down begins until my real family comes to visit me (in 11 days)!

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5 thoughts on “An Amsterdam(n) Good Weekend”

  1. So glad I wasn’t the only person to get so excited about the cheese! Yes, Amsterdam is full of stag parties, but there’s so much more to it than that and you don’t need to be a partying person to get so much out of it. I loved it!


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