Novelties of Norway

I booked this quick trip to Bergen, Norway not really knowing what to expect and in return I got one of my favorite trips so far.


Bergen is a small city in Western Norway known for Bryggen, a small wooded shopping area on the harbour, as well as its prime location near the fjords of Norway. After advice from a friend I booked a fjord cruise tour to Mostraumen Fjord, and it was quite possibly one of the most beautiful tours of my life.  Even though it was incredibly windy, and my rain jacket and hood covered all but my eyes (which were profusely watering) and I couldn’t feel my fingers, I was truly in awe of the natural beauty around me.


After leaving the Bergen harbour we ventured through the water with views of some small towns, I decided to venture to the top, outdoor deck with only a few others because I knew these would be the best views.  After finding the least windy spot, I was able to take in some small waterfalls and high mountains thinking that this was the peak of the trip.


Was I wrong! After a little while longer we were surrounded by cliffs and being misted by the waterfalls only meters away from the boat. After we cleared the very small passageway, the view was snow capped mountains and waterfalls, once again, I was in true shock from the beauty.


Eventually we pulled up nice and close (literally hitting the rocks) to a waterfall where we sent out a bucket to retrieve some fresh water for everyone on the boat to try, it was truly refreshing!


It took quite a while to defrost from the top deck, but the views were beyond worth it, and I wish I could do the cruise 10 more times.




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