A Week With (my real) Family

Finally my real family (to clarify from my host family) made it to Copenhagen! After a long flight and an early morning call for me to the airport, I reunited with my Mom, Sister and Aunt. Although they brought some unfortunate weather with them (unusually cold weather, rain, wind and a little bit of snow) we had an extraordinary week!

We did all things tourist in Copenhagen; Amelianborg Palace, Nyhavn, Rosenborg palace and even a day trip to Malmo, Sweden! They also got to experience the Danish lifestyle I’ve been living by having dinner with my host family!


But two of the most important things to note are

  1. Tivoli
  2. Restaurant Honey


The renowned gardens and amusement park literally in the center of the city of Copenhagen is a must if you visit Copenhagen. Despite being here for 3 months, Tivoli just opened April 6th so even I hadn’t been there yet. But it was truly an adventure. The park is absolutely gorgeous with flowers and greenery to please the eye, and the rides are just as much fun.  Many of them give you incredible sights of the city, although we went on a sunny day it was windy, cold and snowed a few times. Two rides to note (and highly recommend going on) is the miner ride and airplane ride, which have their respective names in Danish. Both provide a valid adventure between water effects (which is a surprise until you go on the miner ride for yourself) and going 100 km/h (60mph) in a circle and rotating while feeling like you’re going to throw up on the airpline, Tivoli is a great stop while in Cope.




Restaurant Honey 

My sister had the pleasure of celebrating her birthday in Copenhagen, although we didn’t celebrate the Danish was (singing the Danish birthday song to her in bed to wake her up) we did have a lovely dinner to celebrate. Restaurant Honey is a trendy restaurant in Indre By. We got the set menu which is served family style, and we even had to set the table for ourselves! The food was unbelievable, it ranged from fish with dill sauce, braised lamb, celeriac with truffle butter, gnocchi with browned butter sauce, fried apple with cottage cheese and fennel. Served family style included appetizer of smoked salmon, arancini, poached egg and potatoes. Finished off with homemade ice cream. You basically had to roll us home.

Dinner .jpg

Overall, it was a great week spent with my family, only one month left, it’s gone way too fast!







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