A Stop in Scotland

If you recall nearly three months(ish) months ago two of my best friends from Bucknell came and spent the weekend me with here in Copenhagen. This past weekend I decided to hop the pond to visit them in Glasgow, Scotland.

With Copenhagen being Copenhagen, the flights weren’t ideal and I ended up in Edinburgh, Scotland 30 minutes past the last bus to Glasgow, very very sad. Luckily, Bucknell has provided me with plenty of friendships and I was able to crash on the floor of a freshman hall neighbor’s room for a mere 4 hours before I caught a train and ~finally~ reunited with my two friends. The true definition of being adaptable when abroad.

Anyway there were really two key events of my weekend.

1. Seeing my friends


It is a big change going from seeing your friends every day for ten months of the year and only seeing them on rare occasions or through a computer screen. Let’s be real, we struggled with the transition from being next door neighbors to living a floor apart. So it was extra special to travel to see what life is like for people I know literally everything about. The two of them also provided excellent commentary, suggestions and a semi-okay tour of two cities in Scotland (you know I’m kidding you two)

2. The food


The real reason we’re friends is because of our love for food, and of course being blindly forced to live with each other freshman year, but I digress. Knowing people in a different country provides you with the best suggestions of where to get food, and these two have dined well this past semester.  We started with pancakes and ended the day with a burger on a donut bun, so although I need to run another half marathon, I had a delicious food filled weekend.

Of course, we did more than just eat, such as strolling through their university campus, seeing their own living situations, and exploring Edinburgh castle.  But, the most interesting thing was seeing how other study abroad students live their semester outside of the Bucknell bubble.  We all came from the exact same schedule, town and even dorm and now are all over the world with friends in Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, Rome and more, visiting friends is one of the best ways to see the world with an insiders perspective and of course a good laugh.

So Amber and Monica, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend



One thought on “A Stop in Scotland”

  1. This looks great! I live/study in Glasgow at the moment so it’s cool to see the familiar places. I’ve never been to Copenhagen but sounds great. Also a massive foodie and have definitely been stress eating way too much because of exams! xx



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