Saying Goodbye to MPP E

In case you didn’t know, MPP is my core course Medical Practice and Policy, and section E is the ~best~ section around. 

Anyway, as we conclude our last class and I take the train home (yesterday, sorry had to study for my Danish final 🙂 ) from our final class dinner, I feel like it’s important to point out how amazing this class was.

Being a biology major I’ve focused my first five semesters at Bucknell on all the heavy sciences: organic chemistry, molecular/cellular biology, biochemistry, physics and plenty more. But for the first time in my academic career I took a class dedicated to medicine, something I hope to at some point devote my life to. Therefore, this class was what really made this semester worth while and interesting. 

There are only so many classes (pre-medical school of course) that can provide you with the experiences and opportunities we had, such as; 

– watch a live natural birth (still number one on my list tbh) 

– Practice suturing

– Literally play with placentas that supported a baby only hours prior 

– ‘Play’ with a one of its kind simulator to practice laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts 

– Interview real patients with real problems and write a report (okay the writing part wasn’t that cool) 

– Learn from real doctors (who are super cool btw @ben, @Wendy & @Mia)

– Learn how to insert IVs and even insert them into classmates 

– Get to wear scrubs (amazing)

– Practice an emergency simulation with fake patients (that can breath and act like they’re throwing up) and pretend to save a life

– Meet an incredible group of people, MPPE, from my perspective, had an incredible bond that was felt throughout the semester that simply added to the experience of this class. Of course we can laugh, now, at the rather unfortunate things that have happened 

  • Getting stuck in an elevator in Poznan
  • Touring a boat in Ebeltoft in the freezing cold
  • Running through Berlin for being 20 seconds late to meeting
  • Trying to find the best position to sleep on the long bus rides through Denmark

But this semester and the closeness of the people in the class wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for all the events that made this class possible, thanks MPP E for being an extraordinary academic and social experience this semester.

I guess since classes are over starts the countdown to the dreaded ~going home~: 19

Peace and Studying


Here’s some pictures for your enjoyment



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