Making it Work in Montenegro

When booking my flight home from Denmark I decided to extend my time because let’s be real, I’m not ready to return to good ole America. So for the last bit, I’ve decided to spend some time in Croatia before my last few days soaking up Denmark. 


I started in Dubrovnik, and when I finish my stay there I am sure I’ll have plenty to tell, but today I took a day trip down to Montenegro via the advice of a friend. Montenegro proved to be absolutely stunning, with incredible landscapes, unique walled towns, and the warmth of the Mediterranean climate. 


My bus trip’s first stop, after the long process of passing borders, was Budva, a walled city right on the water surrounded by beaches, islands and more. It was great to wander the very small and slim streets, wandering for the time I was there.


Our next stop was Kotor, most known for the bay of Kotor (supposedly one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and I agree) the main city is again walled and one could spend hours (aka me) getting lost in the streets. If I had more time, and probably a better stamina, I would have taken the trek up to the top of the city walls aka the top of a mountain. I can imagine the views were amazing, but I don’t think I could have climbed up and down a mountain in two hours. 

Anyway, the real adventure of this day trip was my need to budget. Although I would consider myself a fairly good budgeter regarding my semester abroad, when my card got declined (because my bank isn’t a fan of my excessive traveling) I had to figure out how I was going to spend a whole day with less than 5 euros I grabbed last minute from my previous euro usage. So what did I spend it on you ask?? 

– a bottle of water – 1 euro 

– a prosciutto and cheese sandwich (the two foods Montenegro excels at apparently, and I again support that statement) – 2.5 euro

– a gelato (only one scoop though) – 1 euro 

So I survived, even though my meals weren’t gourmet and I couldn’t buy any souvineers, I was able to enjoy the beautiful cities I visited (with a growling tummy)! 

Until next time 



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