Captivating Croatia

For my last hoorah of my semester abroad I decided to embark on my first solo trip through Croatia for a week. Starting in Dubrovnik, a quick trip down to Montenegro, up to Split with a trip northeast to Krka National Park. Each place provided something unique and exciting, as well as the heat a7nd sunshine that is just starting to approach Denmark.


A city known for its old town walls and place right on the water, I was surely in for a treat when my airbnb had a balcony overlooking the beautiful city.


But, that came with a price of 317 steps up from the old town, so I definitely got my workout in. I explored the city by the best way, from up above, by walking the walls of the city and it was a stunning contrast of the insanely blue waters and the orange/red rooftops. Reminents of the war of 1991 are seen in the ruble of some buildings, making the city extremely unique.


After walking nearly 15 miles I decided to take a breather by watching the sunset at the beach directly below (by 317 steps) my airbnb. I then spent my last day in Dubrovnik with a friend exploring the winding streets of the city before leaving on a catamaran to Split.



Read about it here!


Split was a bit bigger than Dubrovnik, but had its own style, I was fortunate to find a lovely airbnb right on the outskirts on the old town.  I felt more like a local between a small soccer match was played between me and a little kid ending in high fives (and me losing). Or when my airbnb host made me a traditional Croatian dinner, I guess traveling solo can have its perks!

Split is a city also made to explore, the small streets are more maze like and I felt like every turn was leading me in a completely different direction. Highlights were climbing, and I mean really climbing, the bell tower. The steps were higher than my hip and eventually it was smaller stairs with no hand rails. I watched quite a few people attempting to conquer their fears of height on my trek down, but the views were completely worth it.

I spent my last day at the beach soaking up the sun and the heat, which proved to be too much for me so I headed back to the cooler streets of the city. All in all, I left Split headed back to Denmark with a sense of accomplishment for finishing my first solo trip.

Krka National Park

After countless suggestions and pictures I decided to book a day trip to Krka National Park, and I am SO glad I did. Krka is known for its stunning waterfalls and clear blue water. After a few stops and panoramic views we finally got to the park. The park is designed in a one way walking tail that is essentially a bridge over the many many small to large waterfalls.

On my tour I befriended an older woman from South Africa who walked with me and we discussed how beautiful it was, and I’m honestly still in awe of such natural beauty existing.

As we finished our walk through the park and sat down to eat it started to sprinkle and we thought okay no big deal, but then it turned into a torrential downpour, not ideal. Luckily we had made it through the park and all we needed to do was get to a boat to get to our next location.  The rain stop and our large boat seemed to pierce through the fog as we made it to our final destination, in which we got to have a wine tasting, tasting wines from a family owned vineyard. Krka proved to be an outstanding natural beauty in the hills of Croatia.

Now I am back in Denmark for a few days before I start my trip home, it’s all bittersweet, let’s be real I’m craving some real American food, but I also don’t want to leave the incredible life I’ve been living in Denmark for the past for months.

4 days until I’m stateside, 7 days until I’m back in Rochester.

Until next time




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