An Open Letter to my Host Family



To my lovely host parents and siblings,

There are no words and not enough thank yous to say to you guys. I am beyond grateful to have filled out the housing application perfectly enough to be placed in such an extraordinary, loving, kind and amazing family. From the second you ran to me with smiles and pure joys after the stress of flying for eight hours and having my luggage lost to today as I said goodbye to the people that have provided me with a home and a family for the past four months. When I found out I was one of the only people from Bucknell to chose to live in a host family and people telling me I wouldn’t have fun I questioned my decision, but I am so thankful I stuck with it because I cannot imagine a semester without a host family, and specifically all five of you.

You have all presented me with such positivity and happiness that I hope to bring back to America with me. You’ve provided me with an authentic Danish experience, from the immense amount of Danish pastries you fed me, waking up for Casper’s birthday, meeting your family, attempted to teach me Danish and plenty more. From letting me borrow your phone when mine got stolen to breaking out in Mamma Mia, there was never a dull day and I am so thankful for that.

Thank you for showing me the world from the Danish side, thank you for treating me like your fourth child, for translating things into English for me, the countless pick ups from the airport and everything else you have provided me with this semester.

I  am so excited to stay in touch with all of you, to watch my host siblings grow up and to hopefully see you all again someday.





3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Host Family”

  1. Margaret, I have loved reading your blog. What a wonderful Goodbye and Thank you letter to your host family. I am so glad you trusted your choice.
    You immersed in the country and all it had to offer. You grew personally and along with your studies that you will carry for a lifetime.
    Have fun in your travel back to the states and back to Rochester. Grandma told me you have your camp job set up.
    Have a great summer, find some time to relax.
    Love you, Carol & Randy


  2. Hi Margaret. You are so very welcome, the joy and pleasure is just as much on our side. It is interesting having a student. We were expecting the best and got it. How lucky :-). You have been great having in our family and so extremely tolerant and understanding. We have enjoyed your company, your cooking and just you being around, especially when you were not traveling.
    Jacob is looking so much forward to visit you and you parents. You have arranged for him to go to Camp Good Days. What a journey and how lucky can a 13 years old boy be? Apparently very lucky.
    We will come and visit you one day. Not within the next 2 years but our home is always open for you, and you are welcome any time. Hopefully you and Anne will have the change to meet in Philadelphia next year.
    Have a great summer, I know you are going to study hard and I am convinced that you will do absolutely brilliant. You definitely deserve it. Good luck and take care.

    Love from your host Mom and family


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